Mindhunter Season 2


John Douglas & Mark Olshaker’s book Mindhunter, was a big book for me. It was the first thing about true crime that seemed to mirror my interest in the genre. I didn’t read those kind of books to be shocked or thrilled, nor did I read them to shock others; I read them because I wanted to understand where the line was and why some people cross it. I wanted the psychology and psychopathy. I wanted the puzzle.

Mindhunter wasn’t the type of book that I got to talk about often. The whole topic terrified most, and those who weren’t terrified by it were bored by the lack of gore. Mindhunter was the kind of book you buried in your bookshelf So that you didn’t horrify people you wanted to sleep with. I never would have guessed it would be made into a tv show. I certainly never would have guessed it would be a tv show made by David Fischer! And maybe it was that excitement about it that soured season one for me.

I liked season 1, but it just felt off to me. It felt like it was missing something; like something was misaligned. Maybe there was too much of Holden getting laid and not enough breaking down of the profiling process. Maybe I was thinking too much of the book. Or maybe was just in a bad mood that week.

But, this season was different for me. Maybe it was the time out-of-mind and the deflation of expectation, but season 2 clicked for me. I was fully engaged. I know need to rewatch it with a critical eye to tease concepts to explore later, but I dug it. I ripped through it in pure viewing pleasure, practically chomping popcorn the whole way