Daniel Garcia

Native to San Jose and the Bay Area, Daniel Garcia’s entrepreneur journey began as a fashion photographer in the 1980’s. After a decade of running his own photo business, he launched out to begin non-profit work focusing on the spiritual formation of college students. Feeling a strong leading to bring his two passions together, the artist and serving the community Content Magazine began. As the Cultivator, Daniel seeks to grow and develop a high quality designed magazine that not only displays the beauty of life and his hometown but also reflects the diversity of the people of South Bay and how their lives, work, and art are affecting our society.

 Richard Avedon’s portrait of Ezra Pound

Richard Avedon’s portrait of Ezra Pound

Besides his creative ventures, Garcia enjoying spending time with his wife Sarah tinkering on their downtown victorian, playing and watching soccer with his son Jesse (17yrs) and attending his daughter Gabriella’s (15yrs.) music and dance performances.

Daniel is the kinda of person that exemplifies community to me, not only because it's his mission to build it, ut because he exudes it. Daniel knows everybody and everybody loves himーwhich, I know, sounds like some kind of editorial exaggeration, except that it's true. He is one of the genuine people I have ever met. Every conversation with him is a pleasureーthis one included.

Daniel I and are both very busy, and we meet up, the conversation inevitably veers into  task & time management tricks and tips, so it only seems appropriate that we begin with time management in this episode. Daniel is photographer at heart so I ask him how that informed his ability to run a magazine. Out of that conversation we can glean Daniel's view of photography, interpretation and his process. We talk mindfulness and how Daniel stays or doesn't stay present when shooting. He tells me about why he prefers shooting strangers to people he knows.

When I was editing this episode I noticed that I ripped off one of Marc Maron's classic questions: Who were your guys? It's a funny this to realize that in all the time I've know him I've never asked Daniel this. It turns out that many of his "guys" (all or whom are not guys) are the same as mine.

The subjects of vision and control stand out the most for me from this chat, in particular how parenting, photography and running a magazine compare.

Other things we talk about are how the internet has effected the idea of a local scene, social media as a unique platform rather than a megaphone, the intersection of leadership and mission, deadlines, stress, the fear of missing out, dealing with imperfection, and using limitations to your advantage.

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