Hacking Creativity

This was an interesting episode. It started out as a speaking engagement for Lam and me, but somewhere along the line I decided to attempt to make an audio-documentary. I bought a Shure mic for my iPhone & Lam and I spent an hour copying and cutting flyers that we barely used.

Overall, it wasn't much of speech; in fact it was more like talking to a small room full of people. But the best part was actually the people. They were really cool, intelligent and doing really interesting things. I think that shows really well in the episode. I love this format and want to do more of these. Unfortunately, this is also a bittersweet episode in that it would be the last to feature Lam as a co-host. Though Lam is still very involved in the rest of Holy Fool and my most trusted compatriot, this was the end of first big phase of podcasting and the beginning of a new adventure.

So, what exactly is a Hacker Dojo? Hacker Dojo is a Silicon Valley secret and it was kind of the perfect place for us to begin expanding the ways that we understand what creativity is and how it works. Find out what artists and technologists have in common and what they can learn from each other.

Thank you to Terri, Diwakar, John, Michael & Barry. Extra special thanks to Vicky Hora, Marcy Delgado & co-producer Lam Nguyen.



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