Marc Ruiz

Marc Ruiz is a writer and photographer from the San Francisco Bay Area. From a young age, as an avid fan of film, particularly screenwriting, he knew he wanted to be a writer. He developed an interest in photography in 2008 after attending a friend's wedding and discovering, while somewhat inebriated, an appreciation of photographing people in the most candid of situations, a key aim to his approach. He launched the websitein 2014 originally as a way to showcase his passion for photography, though eventually becoming a vehicle to share personal stories through his blog, which he details experiences from his life as a young man falling in love with music, to the trials, tribulations and joy of becoming a father. In addition to his blog, he is also working toward advancing his screenwriting career. He lives in San Jose, CA. with his wife of 8 years, two sons, and dog Lenny.

Marc and have been friends for many year but we rarely get the opportunity to sit down and chat, running into each other at breakfast diners and funerals. Lives are busy in ways where this type of situation is commonplace. So we it was nice to set aside some time to chat in a more in-depth manner than the passing interactions we have on Facebook.

After putting the kids to bed, Marc slipped out of the house to a nearby park (you may even hear some airplanes in the background). We talked about labels and the seeming need to categorize ourselves and others. And while expressing the freedom from his phone that a bad cell signal can provide Marc also acknowledges the positive potential of things like Facebook.

We talked for a bit about the idea of learning from people (even people we disagree with) and the understand that events in our lives lead us to our beliefs. This understand is important for someone like Marc when writing screenplays, as is the ability to know the proper place to start a scene.

Marc has a blog called The Mad Shot where he writes meticulously crafted vignette of his life, and in particular about his experiences as a parent. One of the biggest moments in the blog is Marc's son begin diagnosed with cancer. Marc talks to use bout this experience: what it's like as a parent, how you cope, and how (after a happy ending) you move on with the memory of of the worst being possible.

In a way it seems Marc has used his creativity as a coping mechanism not only with his very personal blogs but by continuing to work on screenplays. Perhaps the silver lining of the darkest imaginable cloud was the motivation to create that came out of it and decimation of the imposter syndrome he had been struggling with for a long time.

Make sure to check out Marc on Technical Ramblings.


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