How Do We Find The Time? Part 1

I knew time was a huge issue for most people so I knew that if I did an episode on time, it had to be good. But the problem was I couldn't find an angle. I couldn't find the cinch that brought everything together for me.

All I had was the topic and the audio from and interview that Roxanne Blackwood had done for me with author Debbie Dodds. So I sat on it. I called up Lam and talked to him about it and decided to use that for the episode. I really wanted people to hear his voice since we hadn't really announced that he left the show and I didn't want them think it was an unfriendly parting. I also knew his reason for leaving were related to time I had the sense that that would be a good place to start.

I thought Lam would tell me about how time was overwhelming him and that I could play that as a sort of "here's the problem" and then set out to solved the problem (in the vein of two of my favorite podcasts Every Little Thing & Mystery Show.) Instead what happened was that Lam had answers. He had advice. The episode shot off into a different direction than I expected right from he start. So I went back and listened to the Debbie Dodds interview. And then I listened to the recording of Lam again. And suddenly something Lam said stuck out to me. He told me to go talk to people who were doing it; who were manning their time and their jobs and their dreams. And then I remembered the part about Debbie finding holes to write. And it hit me. Who knew better about juggling time than anyone else? Who made the rest of us look lazy? Mothers. I was going to interview mothers.

The first things that hit me was I knew that I would have to do at least two episode on this. One would not be enough. It wasn't until much later that I realized I was doing episodes on mothers around the time of Mother's Day.

To finish out the episode I wanted to talk to Roxanne. She was someone I had come to trust. She also had the Instagram post that had stuck in brain for months. And I also liked the symmetry of her being the interviewer and then then interviewee. I love flopping things and playing with expectations.

I love that I got the chance to share a voice mail from a listener and fellow podcaster at the end. Thank you Peter! 



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