Vinny Le Pés

Vinny Le Pés inspires creatives with thoughtful videos sharing insights from his ongoing journey through the arts. He is currently pursuing an ambitious photography project and documenting the adventure for an upcoming series. You can find him online at

In my continual hunt for ways to improve my journaling practice I ran across Vinny while hunting through YouTube. After watching several of his videos and commenting back and forth, we followed each other on Instagram & Vero (remember that?), which eventually lead me to inviting him on to the show for our first voice-to-voice chat.

Vinny and I have a lot in common (beyond beards and an affinity for hats.) We both have love for notebooks and analog tools. Yet while both of us are mindful not forget the strengths of paper, film and the like, we both acknowledge the equal strengths of the digital tools. We are not luddites. (I don't think you could be podcaster or a YouTuber if you were.)

Vinny talks briefly about his experience of leaving the business world to pursue a more personal creative path. This is another thing that we share in common, but in this case the difference between us was fascinating to me, in that Vinny had a supportive wife at his side through this.

Much of this chats revolves around the idea of finding the proper places for things in our lives and the mindfulness or intentionality that is required to come to that understanding. We also talk a bit about the benefits we have both found in adapting a low carb diet and the use of intermittent fasting.

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