Lost in the Magic


A Holy Fool is someone who finds something sacred in possibility rather than certainty. A Holy Fool laughs because he doesn’t know. A Holy Fool listens because she’s curious about what is different and unusual.

Holy Fool is stumbling back in awe at the things and people around us and learning to see magic in ourselves. Holy Fool is questions. Holy Fool is wonder. Holy Fool is learning to live inside of possibilities. Holy Fool is wandering, talking to find a thought, and most of all, Holy Fool is discovery in getting lost.


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Random Badassery podcast

A show full of ideas, nuance, sloppy philosophy, bad jokes, and weird obsessions. Intended to make you think, and guaranteed to infuriate.



“I want to learn to listen rather than to compulsively assume I know the answers to everything. I want to play with ideas, because I’m ok with being wrong. I want to instigate thought. I want to be a fool stumbling towards some sort of ecstasy. I guess what I’m really seeking is joy, isn’t it?”


Chad has written a few fairly popular pieces on readingproductivity, and not going paperless for places like Todoist & The Observer. He’s also had had writing referenced by LifeHacker, and published one book of poetry called Erectile Dysfunction: Stunted Poems of Stilted Emotions.

He says he’s a writer at heart, but has found a new voice in podcasting. His bookshelves are overly full because he more books than he has time to read—but despite his eagerness, he confesses that the true value comes from contemplation rather than consumption. That’s why he wrote Read Less, Learn More.

Some of his current favorite books are Wind-up Bird Chronicle, Between the World and Me, The Celestine Prophecy, & In Search of Lost Time.

Some of his favorite films are 8 1/2, Once Upon a Time in the West, The Great Dictator, & Dodes’ka-den.

He plays guitar, but he’s never been in a band. He used to have a terrible voice, but now he sing in the shower. Sometimes he draws, or paints. And he loves to play around with black and white photography.

In another life he might have been a criminal profiler, a jazz drummer, an architect, an actor, or a children’s book illustrator.


“The Holy Fool is always considered a dummy by the smart, hip people who really know the score. There’s a mysterious blight on the land, nothing will grow and no one knows how to break the spell. The Holy Fool sets out to find the cause, right the wrong, save the people. He’s told he can’t do it, that he’s too dumb, too weak, too something, hearing from all quarters, ‘That’s not how we do things here,’ and ‘You just don’t understand.’ But he goes ahead anyway.”
Ann Medlock